The Exodus of Five Seas


“Many eons ago, long before the progenitors of our tribes leaned back on their fins and took the first steps from the varied brines of our birthing, this world was one sea, unrivaled in its depth or in the tumults of its tides.  The earliest of our species were free to swim and discover every inch of this orb, from the great Jeruscian Trench in the South, to the Teniline Fork in the North.  What great hope the gleaming rays of each new cycle must have delivered, when each dawn brought only more fantastic shallows and canyons to discover, seas and coves to explore.  We owe much to the curiosity of our ancestors, the expanses they trove grew into our great cities, the channels they fashioned became the great arteries of our existence and the natural divisions between the claims of our massive tribes.  If only they had known to what purpose we would put their legacies, perhaps they would not have ventured so far, plunged so deep.”

Captain’s Address, Final Exodus of Lagosia (Five Seas)



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EYC @ 2009 MF Toy Show

OJ and Ecto and Diesel
The first three Bogs available to the public will be a part of the 2009 MF Toy Show at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.  The opening party for the show is this Saturday, December 5th from 7-10PM.  Pictured above from left to right we have: O.J., the worried juice; Ecto, the excited slime; and Diesel, the evil unleaded.  Each Bog is made from a high-quality semi-translucent resin, stands roughly 3.5″ tall, and is looking for a nice warm place to start some trouble and leave a puddle.  They will be available for $20 each or you can get all three for $50.  For more information on the Bogs above or the other toys in the MF Toy show go to

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Pheyaos GlyO’Lantern


I recently carved up a Jack O’Lantern of Pheyaos, the awesome yet to be released RealxHead x Onell Design mashup .  I think it came out pretty good and can’t wait for this little guy to be available for purchase.

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Rotund for Me – Thanks Cris & ToyCyte


I recently won a CustoMonday contest at sponsored by Cris Rose. If your not already familiar with either Rose’s original Runcibles and Rotunds or his one-off customs, these pieces show an amazing attention to detail, often sell out, and are much sought after. For this contest, Cris offered up a unique colorway of his Glow-in-the-dark Radioactive Rotund to the person who came up with the most interesting and thought provoking response to the questions:

  • What will mankind’s reaction be once intelligent robots demand equality and human rights? and
  • Would an intelligent robot ever believe in God?

…and that person was me. See the original post to find out more about Cris Rose as well as to see some of Cris’s work and read all of the awesome comment responses to this contest.

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Forget the Swine, Truck Flu is Here


Did a post yesterday at Bombin’ likening graffiti on trucks and vans around New York City to swine flu (in a good way). How’s that for topical?

Also, posted 8 new pictures of graff on trucks to the eatyourchildren photostream

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Advertisers Wounded, Graff Moves In



Did a post at Bombin’ about a bunch of artists whitewashing some illegal adspace in NYC then covering it in graff.

Also, posted 3 new pictures of the new graff to the eatyourchildren photostream.

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Promise of Stress


Did a post yesterday at Bombin’ about Minneapolis hip-hop artist, P.O.S.

If you don’t know P.O.S., the post includes a lot of sample tracks to fill you in.

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