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Five Seas – Deployment Imminent


Crew assembled, sea samples extracted, deployment imminent. Please stand by for Envoy profiles…




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EYC @ 2009 MF Toy Show

OJ and Ecto and Diesel
The first three Bogs available to the public will be a part of the 2009 MF Toy Show at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.  The opening party for the show is this Saturday, December 5th from 7-10PM.  Pictured above from left to right we have: O.J., the worried juice; Ecto, the excited slime; and Diesel, the evil unleaded.  Each Bog is made from a high-quality semi-translucent resin, stands roughly 3.5″ tall, and is looking for a nice warm place to start some trouble and leave a puddle.  They will be available for $20 each or you can get all three for $50.  For more information on the Bogs above or the other toys in the MF Toy show go to

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Resculpted Bog

I decided that the old Bog sculpt looked too static and would not be as customizable as I want it to be so I resculpted it. I made the body more cartoonish and added a lot more bend to make it look like it’s walking/flowing/lunging forward. I will hopefully get to the poseable arms soon. Also, a quick mock up of an initial colorway.



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Initial Shot of Bog Sculpt

First pic of the body sculpt for the Bog  toy currently in the works (the stumps are placeholders for the arm sockets)

first shot

…and a quick photoshop work up of what the finished sculpt *might* look a little like.

photoshop sculpt

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