Five Seas – Envoy Cy’rus

Envoy Cy'Rus


Envoy: Cy’Rus

Spawn: Jeruscian Trench

“Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a Guard to the depths, nothing but fins and fight, teeth and steel all the way down, and have been for more revs than you or anyone you’ve ever met can remember.  So let’s drop the charade of you asking me why I’m here, and I won’t let it slip why you’ve really assembled this motley bunch. These fish may not understand what they’re being tasked with, but I do, because it’s the only reason anyone comes calling on fins like me.  I’m no scientist or surveyor, not a navigator or a diplomat, if I’m here somebody needs someone gone, or thinks they may need someone gone, or a group of someones, and wants to be sure they’ve got the right tool for the job. I’m thinking you may not be looking for a completely uninhabited planet.  I’m thinking recon, threat assessment, possibly even some bloodshed and conquest. I’m in.”



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