Five Seas – Envoy Pah’Lux

Envoy Pah'Lux


Envoy: Pah’Lux  (sub. Draftee deceased)

Spawn: Pratinus Cove

“We’re twins…were twins, I guess…but no one ever mixed us up or anything. Even when we were younger, he always swam faster than me, stood straighter, spoke clearer.  It was even his idea to enlist with the corps when we finished primaries in the quarry, he thought the tribe might need us. Over the last few revs we’ve dodged fire in surveys on three coasts, completed who knows how many ops, only for him to bite it here, in our own cove, lending a fin to save our damned neighbors who were too stupid to pack up and leave when they were told to. But that’s just who he is I guess, who he was.  With the permission of this council, I go forward for my brother.  He always gave more than he asked, and he would have done this for anyone, for everyone, without question.”



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