Five Seas – Envoy Rahm’Ylas

Envoy Rahm'Ylas


Envoy: Rahm’Ylas

Spawn: Tenylasia

“As heaven’s lights rise in each cycle, so shall the sons of ’Ylas lord over the sea, the first above all” (Song of Tenylas, 2:1)

“And so it has been with our house for time immemorial; first sons of first sons of first sons, bearing the crown even after our sea was torn asunder by warring tribes.  That is, until now. My father is long buried, and my eldest brother has gone unseen since this turmoil began (a mystery of which I assure you I have no further knowledge, despite whispers to the contrary). In this way a pillar of our society falls.  Fating some for exaltation and others for neglect based on an accident of their spawning; that custom will be buried with this place. Before today I was nothing but an emissary, a negotiator for my brother’s crown, but now I go forward for myself, to find a world where I may be what I choose.”



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