Five Seas – Envoy Dae’Dal

Envoy Dae'Dal


Envoy: Dae’Dal

Spawn: Rubera

“The sensation of breaking atmo for the first time, of going beyond the clouds and sky into the black, is indescribable.  I once heard another navigator say it made her feel like a youngling, like she was again taking her first shaky steps from the sea.  For me it felt like a homecoming, like I had arrived where I was always meant to be.  That is not to say I don’t love my home, my coast, my family, I guess I just never felt like that was where I belonged. Under the waves everything and everyone are just so close is all, there’s always other fins surrounding you, moving about immersed in their business, consumed by their lives.  And the buildings, all the buildings, I feel like they’re right on top of me sometimes. But enough of that, it’s all over now.  Today I go forward to find a new world, with quiet and skies enough for everyone, as far as the eyes can see.”



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