Five Seas – Envoy Opn’Hym

Envoy Opn'Hym


Envoy: Opn’Hym

Spawn: Caerulean Sea

“Mass-Murderer. Blasphemer. Fool. I have been called many things since the fault for this atrocity was laid before me.  While I have no time to rebut such accusations, I want it to be remembered that I did not act alone. This society’s demand for progress, for safety, for strength and convenience, is never-ending; I have sought only to use my knowledge of the sciences to heed that call. If you see fit to vilify me for a life spent in such service, so be it.  The foolishness of believing that so great a tragedy can be blamed on just one or a few among us speaks volumes of the idiocy of your plan for a similar number  to make all things right again. But I digress. Now, as before, I go forward for us all. May the gods spare me from knowing what lie you will lay upon my shoulders next.”



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