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Five Seas – The Mission


We hope you have been in the company of loved ones during the panic since evacuation began, that you’ve kissed your young and tucked them in tight in their last nights beneath these waves.  We want these things for you because when your family leaves this world to seek refuge in its orbit with the rest of our kind, we know you won’t be with them. You have been selected by your elders to represent your tribe on a mission of the utmost importance, a journey far into the uncharted blackness beyond our skies to find that which we cannot live without: a home. Being from and of the sea, our hearts yearn for the churning of the tides, for the sways and swells of the deep, and will go silent if without them for too long. If this exodus is an ending for Five Seas, then at the conclusion of your trek lies our new beginning. You will report for departure before dawn of the next cycle, it is so ordered.

Envoy Draft Letter, Final Action of the Lagosian Parliament



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