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The Exodus of Five Seas


“Many eons ago, long before the progenitors of our tribes leaned back on their fins and took the first steps from the varied brines of our birthing, this world was one sea, unrivaled in its depth or in the tumults of its tides.  The earliest of our species were free to swim and discover every inch of this orb, from the great Jeruscian Trench in the South, to the Teniline Fork in the North.  What great hope the gleaming rays of each new cycle must have delivered, when each dawn brought only more fantastic shallows and canyons to discover, seas and coves to explore.  We owe much to the curiosity of our ancestors, the expanses they trove grew into our great cities, the channels they fashioned became the great arteries of our existence and the natural divisions between the claims of our massive tribes.  If only they had known to what purpose we would put their legacies, perhaps they would not have ventured so far, plunged so deep.”

Captain’s Address, Final Exodus of Lagosia (Five Seas)



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